“Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust oversees the training and certification of Disability Assist Dogs to enable people with disabilities to enhance their quality of life using the human/animal bond”


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In New Zealand, Disability Assist Dog is the legal term for assistance dogs and service dogs, and the term only applies to dogs trained by the organisations listed in the Dog Control Act 1996 and subsequent amendments.

The Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust (PPADT) is a not-for-profit organisation, based in the greater Auckland region, established in 2007. The vision was to create an organisation to provide trained dogs, with a focus on helping individuals not supported by the disability assistance dog organisations that existed in 2007, being:

Perfect Partners is committed to promoting the use of disability assist dogs to health care professionals, disability-related organisations and community groups. The organisation also has a strong commitment to ongoing education, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.

Since 2008, Perfect Partners has also been a member of the New Zealand Companion Animal Council.

“The relationship between a Disability Assist Dog and its owner helps to overcome various physical, emotional and social challenges”

Public Access

The term Public Access describes the right for a disability assist dog and their handler to enter areas where a dog is usually prohibited. Access includes areas such as public transport, restaurants, malls, and healthcare facilities.

On December 23rd, 2010, the Dog Control (Certifying Organisations for Disability Assist Dogs) Order 2010 came into effect. The Order provides the ability to certify dogs for public access, as well as providing public access for training purposes to dogs under the:

This allows the dogs and their handlers the same public access rights as dogs trained and certified by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand, the Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust, Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust, the New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust and the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.


Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust follows local and international standards for welfare and training established by:

PPADT works to select and train disability assist dogs for people that were not currently supported by existing Disability Assist Dog organisations in New Zealand with a range of medically diagnosed disabilities. We focus on assisting people with neurological and physical conditions including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Certain Neurological disabilities (including alzheimers, acquired brain injury)
  • Psychiatric disabilities
  • Seizure Alert and/or Response
  • and will also work with other individuals

Applying for a PPADT Dog

So you are thinking of applying for a Disability Assist Dog? Before applying to PPADT, we insist you take the time to consider the following five questions, as they contains topics essential for your application: